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    Newb.... would like some insight

    Newb to the ski world....

    Been looking around and here's what I've narrowed it down to near me-

    '08 GP1300R 110 Hrs $5K Blue

    '07 GP1300R 45 Hrs $6K Black/Yellow

    '06 GP1300R 50 Hrs $4900 Black/Yellow

    All are stated to be in "excellent" condition, maintained, and include a trailer plus a few extras-who knows what they are though.

    Seem to be pretty good prices for a good/reliable ski so which one would you pick? I was thinking the '08 as long as it check out, but ????

    Also, what kind of routine maintenance will it require and when? I'm sure I could find it in an owners manual, but that takes effort....

    How many hours are the 1300R's good for???

    Thanks for any help/info!
    BK in sunny Panama City FLorida!

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    Its better to burn out than fade away christian79's Avatar
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    I would get the 2006...

    "'06 GP1300R 50 Hrs $4900 Black/Yellow"

    EVERY engine will die sometime. All things being equal its the engine with the most hours that dies first. I would look at them all and see which one is in the best condition and from that try to ascertain which one has been treated the best. If you are just getting into skis I would get the one with the least hours that also looks as if it has been maintained. Also in addition to a actual ride in the water NOT just on the hose, get the compression numbers for each cylinder.

    Good luck and welcome.....

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    what PSI is good compression for these?

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    Its better to burn out than fade away christian79's Avatar
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    The problem is most gages SUCK and read low or high. A unmodified head should read 120 - 130 PSI. What you really want to see is even readings across all three (120, 125, 120) and NOT (120, 105, 145). You want them to be withing 10% of each other more or less.

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    i would go the 08 and rebuild the top end real soon , then you would have an 08 in the sexy ass blue with a new top end and nothing to do but mod it

    but thats just me and i love the blue of the last GPR model.

    like all have said, check the compression on them all and ride them all before making any sort of offer.

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    Well Im kinda stuck on my 06 so I would say the 06, I love the black! Plus, all you have to do is paint the cowlings and it is a totely differant looking ski.

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    second the 06. Only 5 more hours than the 07 buy 1k less money. Same exact ski in every detail. 08 has quite a bit more hours than the othe two so I would cross that off.

    As far as maintaining your ski, it's pretty easy Always flush if you ride in salt water. Keep everything lubed with silicone or your spray of choice. Make sure you keep the oil tank filled (or go premix). Replace plugs every year. And just keep an eye on your parts that can wear out (like pump bearings, pistons/rings, drive shafts) but that's many hours away with the skis you are looking at

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    I would get that 2008, I think the 08 is the best looking GPR out there. Your about 30 or 40 hours away from a crank replacement though.

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    Go for the 07...has the least hours and has one less year of enviroment abuse than the 06. It's a little more expensive but $1k isn't a bad difference. Offer the person a few hundred less and see what they say. However, if you can, go see them all in person and see how they look as far as being maintained as others have stated.

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