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Thread: todays testing

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    todays testing

    First of all before i begin i want to thank R&D and Bill Chapin for the ecu reflash it's the real deal very very very pleased with the results.

    First ski Leo's SHO with Leo riding.
    before ecu reflash
    RPM'S 7750 with pet tach
    AFR 11.8 to 12.3
    impeller a true 15/25 dynafly
    B1 wheel and power shot
    MPH. 78.1

    Now with the R2 reflash from R&D
    RPM'S 8180 total of 430 RPM gain
    AFR 11.9 to 12.3
    impeller still the same
    same B1 wheel with power shot
    MPH. 82.3 a gain of 4.2 MPH.
    The results are awesome we will be playing with the pitch to get a little more RPM.
    Over all with the reflash the ski felt stronger from bottom mid and top just kept pulling.

    Now my GPR
    Last time Leo did runs weeks ago with the stock ecu it was all over the limiter and could only go 3/4 throttle and he ran 88.1 MPH.
    Today with the R2 i road it to make sure the AFR and all was perfect with me on the ski with 3/4 tank ran a 94.3 MPH. and a 94.7 MPH. at 8300 RPM'S with the pet tach, This was with me sitting on the seat and trim on neutral i will be honest with you at them speeds it is scary i did not even want to move back to get more lift i will be the first to admit i was scared.

    The only problem i was having that would happen only on top speed runs at max boost i was getting a check engine lite with code 29 air pressure sensor and once the lite would come up the RPM'S would not go higher so i am going to have to see what is causing that.

    The testing was at lake tarpon once i figure why the lite comes on i will let Leo do some runs on it he is way lighter than me he is an average of 1.5 MPH. faster than me.

    Hope all this info helps everyone. Thank you, Jim

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    Awesome numbers!

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    Incredible results Jim. 82+ on a SHO is getting it

    94+ at 8300 RPM is
    I can't wait to see the results once you get that thing dialed in.

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    Damn...really good speeds guys

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    That GPR has to be a blast to ride!!!

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    WOW, 94.7 ! These SHO motors are amazing... Awesome job Jim...

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    Great results. They back up my findings. Almost identical numbers before and after the reflash. I think it is safe to say these are the expected gains. Very very impressive. And as for that gpr, I would be scared too!

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    Congrats Jim and Leo your right about the gpr way too fast for me too and i like speed, the 82 is freaking fast for a 3 seater how much boost did you see on the sho. Ron

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    nice speeds

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    Dang Yamaha is pwnin right now.

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