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    Broken cylinders

    I have been doing some reading on here and seen several posts of cylinders breaking off at the flanges on the 1200 engines. This is how I got both my Virage and Genesis (bought with engines blown in this mannor). What are the thoughts on why this happens. Obviously it is due to hydrolocking, however, both of the machines I bought were winterized and then this happend while the previous owners attempted to start them for the first time in the spring. One common this is both were stored outside for the winter, so here is my take on it.

    Here is southern Alberta we get alot of snow and wind, over the course of the winter that wind blows snow up through the exhaust eventually getting a certain level of water into the crankcase which is then sucked into the unlucky cylinder and boom. Is this grasping at straws or what? I don't know how else that volume of water (even though it doesnt take much) would get into the engine during the off season.


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    Maybe whoever is winterizing them is doing their final motor shutdown with the waterhose still on and bs'ing with their buddy for 5 minutes, all while filling the motor??

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    .....or filling the cylinders with fogging oil ??

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    i agree with crazy.. you are suppose too turn the ski on first then the hose, then turn of the hose then the ski

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    cant speak for the Virage, but I know the Genesis was done by a reputable shop in town. Guess that doesn't always mean anything, we are all human and screw up.

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    regardless of who did it, I was taught to drip a few drops of 2 cycle into each cylinder, wait a few minutes for it to spreads down to the rings and then spin the engine with the plugs out for the first time in the spring

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    hi m8 just shorting out my genesis. mine cracked 3/8 below cylinder flange,in 3 places. on ex port side of cyl. looking from top you can see distortion on gasket seal lip. mine was due to over heating, piston melt into ex port. id knock crank index out, cracks did not show even after rebore for new piston. assembled engine would not run properly. hence found index out. just happed to look inside cylinder with head still on, thought was a bit of dirt, tryed to wipe with finger felt sharp edge, took head off. not under pressure crack smoothed out. had hit piston above top piston ring, i can see 3 small indent with cracks in

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