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    Thumbs up My 07 Yamaha GP1300R Project

    Hey Guys,

    I brought my GP1300R about a year ago because my mate had the same ski, i've always loved them and still do, we never modded our skis and he sold his for a FZR.

    Few of the guys with FZR's started bagging me out because they said they would beat me, so i decided to beef up my ski and now can't stop!

    Here's what's been done to date.

    - R&D Ride Plate
    - R&D Intake Grate (single bar)
    - Riva Free Flow Exhaust
    - D-Plate
    - 140psi OEM Head
    - Solas Dyna fly 14/20 prop
    - Leo's Hole shot Kit
    - R&D Pump seal kit
    - Washers under front hood to increase air flow
    - Cut out air flow restriction on side of ski (under gold covers both sides)
    - Removed black air pipes at the front of the ski that do nothing
    - Holes in the front bucket for increased air flow

    The next thing i have in line to buy is the VF3 Reeds and Lowell reusable washers, EFI controller and redo the head to 150psi

    I have a tiny tac which should be here tomorrow, then i can tune the ski to push a little more out of it, overall not sure what the ski runs because i haven't GPS tested it but i'm pretty pleased with the speed.

    BUT i do want it to go faster.

    The ski has about 70 hours on it

    So far i want to thank izz0 for his awesome mobile prop removal skills (at 2AM) and awesome advice throughout this project

    I also want to thank the man of the hour Richieb, without him i would be far from where i am with this ski, he is a magician with a tool and a jet ski, we sat up to 5AM talking and installing and he taught me a crap load of stuff i would never have known.

    Thanks guys!

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    Oh i forgot, i ended up beating the FZR by about 1-1 and a half skis without my head done, so i should do alright up against them

    Any predictions on what i'd do MPH with this set up?
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    dom you are about to learn as we all do in due course that it does not matter what parts you buy, the real speed gains come from tuning them all right.

    step by step you are going to start gaining speed, mod by mod and test run by test run.

    its a slow process but when done right it is very rewarding and we will all help you get there.

    everything i know about the gpr i learned here and as you can see from my thread it took me quite a while but its been a wonderful journey.

    best of luck and I look forward to your results.

    ps dont forget the 3 degree key, you need that to compliment your head, vf3 reeds and fuel controller.

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    welcome to the forum sr20, I would also suggest you need to install pump tunnel reinforcement. This is a very important modification.
    As izz0 mentioned, it is not about bolting on parts, but all about setting up the ski properly.
    Here is some good information in the stickies below. Also, utilize the search and advanced search feature of the forum

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    thanks guys! i can't wait to learn more and can't wait to get out on the water for some good test runs.

    Tunnel reinforcement is also on the way, going to do it at the same time i do the reeds - safety first!

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    If your looking for top end speed dont forget to cut or modd the plate to get more lift.

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    i'm trying out my mates shread master soon, but am also looking at a jims plate from reading the forums, at the moment im going to play around with the r&d one to see if i can get a little more out of it.

    hope it all goes to plan.

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    is there a thread somewhere about modding the r&d plate? i cant seem to find anything

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    modding the r&d ride plate is something carl from island racing does as does jim from jims performance.

    these specs are not openly shared as it would be ripping off their work, it something you have to pay for.

    if i were you i would go for the shred plate, much better for what you need, sure the modded r&d is about 3mph faster then a stock plate but only on chop and rough water the shred will be 5-7 mph faster ( at least).

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    i'll give the shred plate a go and then most likely put one on order

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