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    01 Polaris Virage TX kill switch problem????

    I have a Virage tx that doesn't fire properly...... I followed some advice on this site and disconnected the black/yellow wires in the electrical box that is the kill circuit and it fired right up...... what does this mean that the actuall start/stop switch on the handlebar needs to be replaced? or what?


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    This is a carburetor engine - correct?

    Does the engine crank with all wires in place, and the lanyard inserted?

    You can test the kill switch with an ohm-meter.

    With Black/Yellow wires unplugged, the wire to the switch should read short circuit between the Black/Yellow and Black with the lanyard removed, and open circuit with the lanyard in place.

    The other possibility is the LR Start/Stop module in the electrical box. You can test that by reconnecting just the LR module's Black/Yellow wire to the terminal, and the CDI Black/Yellow wire also to the terminal, so only the Black/Yellow to the handlebar is disconnected. If the engine won't start, then the LR module (or one of the inputs into it) is suspect.

    If the engine still runs, then the handlebar switch (or the wiring) is suspect.

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