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    2 new covers for 3 seaters (SLTs)

    I have two really nice new Covercraft covers in Sunbrella Pacific Blue. I bought these new for my SLT780 and my SLT750. but I never got a chance to use them because loss of income forced the sale of my jetskis. I hope someone on here can buy these and get some use out of them because right now they are just sitting on a shelf in my garage. and I could really use the dough so I can buy parts and finish putting together the latest basketcase ski I just bought (1100 Kawi I bought for $100) so hopefully I will have something to ride this coming summer.

    I think I paid around $300 for the two of them so make me a fair offer and they are yours. I will even split the shipping with you to make it even a better deal.

    Thank You,
    Jared Jones email is [email protected] or just PM me here on the hulk.
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