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    Am I getting a good deal?

    I'm new to the site(but I'll probably be around a bit)-basically, I'm trading a project boat I have(I paid $400 for it) for 3 project jet ski's-a '00 Sea Doo GTS, a '96 or '97(don't remember which one) Sea Doo GTX & a '94 Polaris SLT750-the GTX & the SLT are needing hull repair-which I figure I may just buy hulls for them to swap over & the on the '00 the choke cable broke-don't know right now if there's any other major issues(I'm hoping not)

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    Even though you paid $400 for the project boat, I'm sure what YOU valued it at, but any ONE of the three ski's listed you're trading for is easily worth more than $400 if complete. I parted out a non running 96 SLT 780 and cleared well over $1000 parting it out...the hull was taken to the dump, too! So unless you got a steal of a deal on your project boat (and it was worth much more than the $400 you paid), I'd say you're getting a good deal in the trade.

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    It was an '87 Stingray-had no seats & the condition of the motor was unknown...I actually got told by someone that I only had a $50 boat & a $300 trailer & he was in the business for 20 years-the boat has potential, but my friend just bought a boat, so there was no need for 2 boats-that's why I wanted to trade for a jet ski(& I'm getting 3-lol)

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    Sounds like the boat would have cost more to fix than it would be worth after fixing it. I'd part out the SLT and use those bucks to fix the GTX & GTS. If you're crafty enough, maybe you could fix the two Doo's for the amount you get from parting out the SLT. Ah, If life could be so simple

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