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    Oil Inj. Pro1200

    Pretty Basic Question:

    It appears that my Pro1200 I picked up this weekend has been running the Polaris Oil. It would be easier for me to run an "after market" oil since I work at a non-polaris shop and have much better access to the other stuff. The tank in the ski is currently 3/4 full with 65 hrs on the boat.

    Should I drain it and Use something different? (My could use the drained oil in his MSX (he lives down the street from a polaris shop so he uses their oil))

    Anybody have recomendations for oil? Maxima, Silcolene, etc...

    And last, Im more than likely going to keep the oil injection since this is a play boat and I dont really want to go the pre-mix route.

    Thank you in advance,

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    Lots of oil threads and discussion already posted.

    The Polaris 2-stroke oil is rather good quality.

    Aftermarket oils - be sure to use something that has a good reputation with PWC use, not just with outboard engines.

    I use the Amsoil HP Injector oil, also with the stock oil injection system.

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    I used Amsoil in my Pro 785s for years with absolutely no problems. I would just run through what you have in the tank and start over.

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