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    my ski has thrust vectoring......does yours??? killcraft's Avatar
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    riddle me this????

    ok on polaris watercraft how is the driveshaft sealed?? because the only seal i see that would keep water from rushing into the hull is the grease fitting. are there o-rings or anything in there or is it just a close fit? forgive my ignorance but i dont feel like pulling my ski off the ocean floor because i didn't know about a seal.

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    O ring seal to keep the grease inside the impeller.

    And the thru hull seal to keep it out of the hull.

    Thru hull has basically 2 seals, 1 on the inside and 1 on the outside.

    Then there's the bushing between the 2 packed with grease.

    Make sure to grease that seal regularly. And don't run the ski on the garden hose for more than 2 minutes, or the seals I just described will get overheated and fail.

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    And make sure your seals are good behind the impeller and the bearings are kept dry back there or water will ruin the bearings and then you will need to find a bunch of parts including the bearing and seals XLint89 described above.

    Guess how I know this...

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    There are two seals on the thru hull bearing #11

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    Keeping your Polaris PWC on the water

    Jet Pump Maintenance and Service

    Water is leaking into the hull around the drive shaft
    Check that the water is not coming from the small hose nipple on the speedometer pitot, which is directly below the drive shaft.
    Best way to check for leaks is to strap the hull to the trailer front and back, back it down the launch ramp until the jet pump intake is submerged, and run the engine with the hull strapped down.
    You can leave the seat off, and find out where the water is coming from.

    Replacing the seals and bushing in the through-hull assembly

    There are different versions of the through-hull bearing
    Early units with crimped ends can not be repaired, but they can be directly replaced with the newer style assembly (1996-2004, except MSX)
    Well, maybe the crimped style can be rebuilt

    The seals tend to wear more than the brass bushing, so probably do not need to change the bushing, unless it is worn.
    Replacement seals can be purchased from any Polaris OEM parts source, or generic seals may be installed. SKF Rawhide 8702
    Shaft 0.875
    Bore 1.499
    OD 1.503
    Width 0.25

    SKF #563541 (22mmx38mmx8mm)

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