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    Compound / Wax

    I will be compounding and waxing my Sea Doo to brighten it up. The wax will put a shine on the hull. What can I do to the rubber/plastic parts to make them shine? Can I spray them with clear lacquer? What do the other guys use?

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    Awesome write-up here by twelvesorbetter: link

    I'm going to do this when the snow melts to my rub rail on the 750SX standup.

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    Just put this on yesterday so I don't know how it will hold up long term but try "Mother's Back to Black". It works really well on getting any excess wax off of the trim as well as the hull numbers, etc. And has done a good job of turning the trim (any color not just black) back to original. Will let you guys know how it holds up long term against sun/water when the weather warms up enough to get out and play.

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    yes I second the Mother's Back to Black. It last for a fair amount of time.

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