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    2010 DJSA Race Schedule

    From the desk of Jim Lambert:

    I am posting this prematurely but everyone wants dates and I know Chat and team is trying to get the Freedom ride scheduled. Never before have I had to put so much work into the schedule. Numerous date changes have come up trying to bounce around Parker, Socal Enduros, Holiday Weekends, a Schrocket Wedding!!!, World Finals, and the always sacred - Mother's Day. (Yes Ladies its true - we are steering around Mom's Day so that you can enjoy "your day" at home instead of being at the lake hating me!)

    5 new venues equals 15 additionally insured parties to the already 20 listed additionally insured parties, so the paperwork chore has been grueling but I appreciate your patience. The amount of work all this takes has made me realize one thing... this is the last year I can do this, so lets make it a great year to always look back on. Yes thats right - this is the last year I can do this. Next year I have to hire an assistant so make sure you fill those start lines so I can afford to hire one of the Hooter's Girls to do all the leg work.... (no pun)

    We were going to run an 11 race series, and then it dropped down to 10, but I really hate going backwards and only because you guys like to race, and if and only if I can BEG the staff to put up with me... you can look for

    12 point series races,
    4 100 mile enduros,
    a junior race clinic and junior match slalom showdown,
    RC car racing at Jet Effect,
    a TBM race clinic for the "grown up kids",
    5 freestyle battles,
    8 550 all out exhibition races,
    and depending on how things go -
    a possible stadium race or the Norcal-Socal Shootout Rematch at San Luis Reservoir at the end of the year.
    (It will be one or the other)

    The bad news? We lost Oakley as a race site due to the explosive number of standups we saw last year. Chris's docks just can't take the strain of all those skis and without a beach to pit on we're going to have to do without seeing that cool looking bridge in the background. I always looked forward to the Oakley race but when I can afford portable docks we'll make it a point to return there.

    Because you guys like beach starts so much, and because beach starts will play an important part of keeping things fair in the 550 all out races, we're going to be running at a few more lakes where all you guys with those new toy hauler rv's can enjoy your investments...

    This schedule is firm, but as always it is subject to change based on my employer's directive. We will be racing primarily on Sundays based on my current work schedule and to those who have a long drive home after racing - my sincere apologies. We will make it work the best we can for everyone.

    Here are the dates.
    Just keep in mind - this schedule is subject to change but if changes do come up, I will notify you as quickley as I can.

    DJSA 2010 Jetcross Point Series
    PS Sun Mar 28th SSVR - pre-season ice breaker/hot lap by class/class time trials/ St Patty Aus Purst
    R1 Sun April 11th SSVR - season opener w 550x all out / DP
    R2 Sun April 25th Camp Far West or Argyle Park w 550x all out
    R3 Sun May 16th Lake Anderson w 550x all out
    R4 Sat Jun 12th Suisun w freestyle
    x Sat June 26th SSVR (sat junior race clinic and match slalom) w freestyle
    R5 Sun June 27th SSVR w 550x all out / DP
    R6 Sun July 11th Marysville w freestyle and 550x all out
    R7 Sun Aug 1st Suisunw freestyle
    xx Sat Aug 21st SSVR Enduro/freestyle/shrt trk/aus purst/racerbbq / rc cars
    R8 Sun Aug 22nd SSVR JET EFFECT 2010 / 550x all out / DP
    R9 Sun Sept 12th Pittsburg Seafood Festival w freestyle
    R10 Sun Sept 26th Lake Minden or Lodi Lakew 550x all out / DP
    R11 Sun Oct 17th South Bay tba
    R12 Sun Oct 31st Rio Vistaw 550x all out / DP

    BOTB Sun Nov 14th Oakland “Battle of the Bay” (Tentative)
    or Norcal / Socal Shootout Rematch - San Luis Reservoir

    DJSA 2010 Enduro Series
    End-1 Sat Jun 5th Berkeley – SF Bay “Go for the Gold”
    End-2 Sat Aug 22nd SSVR Jet Effect 100
    End-3 Sat Sept 11th Pittsburg Seafood Festival 100
    End-4 Sat Oct 23rd Rio Vista 100

    Non DJSA Events
    Mark Hahn Feb 27th Lake Havasu
    Dana Pt to Avalon March 18th Socal
    AWA Freedom Ride - TBA
    LBTC July 18th Socal
    Dana Pt to Oceanside Sept 26th Socal
    IJSBA World Finals Oct 3-11 Lake Havasu

    The pre-season day on 3/28/10 will include lots of hot lap practice by class followed by individual time trials also by class. I have some riders on the verge of moving up a class and I need to see where everyone is at. Although it is not a series race, I would appreciate your being there so we can get roster information out of the way and have a good idea of who is running what class this year. Plus, these time trials will set your startline position for race-1. After the time trials, we'll be running Austrailan Pursuits for every class - and the last man (or girl) standing will go home with a little bling for their efforts.

    First series race of the season? April 11th and as always it will be good for double points. I think we're gonna have some fun this year and I can't wait to see you all. Please watch the sites for some changes taking place this year.
    More coming soon

    jim lambert

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    You guys are lucky to have a promoter that is offering this much. Sounds like a fun Summer.


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    Sundays is not good...!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonny5 View Post
    Sundays is not good...!!
    I prefer Saturday's also, but we have to work with Jim's schedule. You will have to drive faster after the races Look at it this way Jonny, when your 80, I guarantee you will look back in 2010 and say, "I am so glad I had the chance to do something I love...I would give anything to get my old #5 boat again and do one of Jim's races. RIP Jim...RIP."

    Look forward to seeing you guys out there again this year. It is fun to race with you guys. Bring some new meat...

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    I'm there even if it's on a wednsday!

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    One small correction. Aug 22 is a Sunday.
    T C

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