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    STXR Triple Pipe Fully loaded.

    This is the last of our 2 Stroke race boats. We kept this one as it was truly the cleanest and best 2 stroke race boat we had left. Still hard to part with it but its time to move on.
    This craft is race ready as it was do to be raced in the Classics class. We have changed direction and opted to not run this boat so its up for sale. Basically the rider cant handle the power, it scares him.

    $6500 Firm....

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    3DR Stock lightened and trued hull
    3DR Light weight Carbon Hood
    3DR Light Weight Carbon Seat
    UMI Steering
    Blaster Bars
    Auto drop Nozzle kit
    Hydro Turf Mats
    Lifter Wedges
    Agressor Sponsons

    Lightened Trued Crank
    Premix Fuel, Balancer oil pump retained
    Factory Triple Pipe
    Factory CDI
    Novi Tech Carbs
    Triple Gas Pump
    Triple Fuel pick-ups
    R&D Monster Reed cages
    SkiWorks Girdle Head
    Head Girdle kit
    Fresh Pistons & Rings
    Fly Flame arrestors

    Skat 155 Pump
    RD plate
    RD Intake grate
    Scat Trak prop
    Scat drop nozzle
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    Damn nice, clean looking machine!

    I bet it does run quite well...

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    Yes it runs in race trim all of 70 mph all day with strong acceleration.

    We went away with the flat top pistons and back to stock as its alot easier to drop in stock ones when needed.

    I recomend a piston change out every 50hrs or so of racing.

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    Free bump, nice ride.

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    killer ski!

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    Dropping to $6000

    Cant go any lower then that, better to use it as a practice boat then sell it any cheaper.

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    My cousin Vinny bought the #99 stx-r thats on Team Moto's website, from Matt McLauchlan. gps 71.9 with handling components. bump for a fast boat!!!

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    Sweet boat Skip. Good luck with the sale.

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