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    I have a 2007 rxt is it possible to put the factory trim system on or is it not worth the cash? Is there aftermarket kits out there. thanks

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    Many members have installed the VTS on RXTs with great success I dont know all the logistics behind the install but the guys who have installed it are very pleased with the outcome..And No unfortionatly to my knowlage there is not kit out there for the VTS/RXT

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    Yes it can be done. I have it on my GTX. and love it.

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    trim on an 05 rxt pump?

    hey guys, i've been reading all over and can't find any compatability specs, and don't wanna post a new thread yet. I'm trying to install a trimming ring on my 05 rxt setup.

    FYI it's in a gpr hull, so I don't want VTS, just the ring itself.

    I have noticed that the part numbers and PRICES are different from the rxp to the rxt when speaking of the venturi and the nozzle.

    My question is, "can I stick a trimming ring from an 05 rxp between the venturi and nozzle on an 05 rxt, with little to no modification"??

    I thought it would be an easy bolt on, but the whole part number thing has me a little gunshy on whippin out the ol mastercard....and Rapid is prob getting tired of my constant pestering and questions....

    Thanks in advance.....

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