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    2006 RXT and RXP values

    Hi all,

    I am looking at two 2006 Sea Doo's in my area and wanted the valued inputs of those here as to a good price to buy. The RXP has 62 hours on it and the RXT has 23 hours on it. Both are well maintained and fresh water driven. I offered $4800 for the RXT and he is thinking it over. Not sure if I can get a better package deal but who knows.

    Any help is appreciated.


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    Is a trailer included if you do the package deal?

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    Well there is a trailer. I need specific prices to each model then I could go from there.


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    Go to Kelly blue book .

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    Thanks for the advise on KBB but I prefer what prices folks are actually paying these days.


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    I paid 5800 for my 2006 rxt with 13 hours on it. However it did have a extended warranty until 2011 I think. If he takes the price u want then It is a good deal to me. This is my opinion though.

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    If you can get the RXT for $4800, I would consider that a great deal, especially if the trailer is included. Im getting $5500 for my 07 RXT as a trade in on my new 10 RXT-X. Im not including the trailer with it either. I figure the dealer will turn around and list my ski for $6000+ but I dont have the time to wait and sell on my own. In order to get my 5 year warranty from Seadoo on the new ski, I had to move quicker than I wanted to. They have stupid time restrictions on that stuff. So yes $4800 with trailer......good deal. BTW....KBB is crack smokin regarding their values. NADA is much closer to the value of these items in the current economy.

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