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    Think I might have found my problem

    My ski topped out at 63.3 turning 7850.

    I didnt really think about it, then Brian asked me if i was getting WOT. Well, after playing with the throttle, I had some play in the throttle cable. It wasnt much, and as far as rotation of the throttle is concerned, it was about 15-20º from WOT with thr trigger pinned.

    I adjusted and fixed it and now it does hit WOT. I wont be back on the ski for a few weeks to test though.

    So, will this free up my extra RPM? Or is that 15-20º a moot point.

    I'd really like to pick up that extra RPM and keep up with the people I ride with.

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    Doubt it, they all semm to have that "bit more". I adjusted mine so that is on the idle stop and goes to WOT and it made no difference. You sure it was 15-20 degrees or more like 5-10.

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    Dover, DE... Again :(
    seemed a good bit like 15-20.

    cable length of play at the throttle before picking up any rpm from idle was .5" or so.

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    Well .5" is quite a lot so maybe it will help.

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    pettee, my gpr was adjusted to full throttle but was actually only at 3/4. i took out the slack and viola, now maximum gas guzzling ability enabled. i was gonna see if u wanted to ride this saturday

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