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    F-12X Macsboost Stage1 Kit

    I'm planning to install macsboost stage 1 kit for my F-12X. Is it hard to install the new 17/29 Solas Concord Impeller? Can I do it myself or certified marine mechanic? Please advise.

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    you can install it yourself its not that hard to do. Order a manual if your not the best at doing mechanical work and it will show you step by step. Then if other problems arise you will have a shop manual to refer to in the future.

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    Impeller Change

    Here ya go, hope this helps;

    Honda Impeller / Pump tips
    Hey everyone... I've noticed some interest in having impeller work done / replacing the impeller (gee, i wonder why... ) and would like to pass along some verry important info that I've learned in my time. I've found this information by making my own mistakes and testing what works. Keep in mind that I regularly pull apart my pumps due to one reason or another thanks to my racing. I think I'm down to half an hour for a full pump removal and re-install. Anyways, these are just some random notes that I can think of right now.

    First, here's a great link from Hap's Cycle on how the book says to do things:

    Now here's what I do...

    1. Pull off the reverse cable (it's a slide release)
    2. Pull reverse bucket side bolts (2x)
    3. Pull reverse bucket slide bolt
    4. Pull off the steering (and trim for R models) cables
    5. Cut the zip tie holding the bilge hose on the nozel, and pull the hose off
    6. Pull the pump nozel bolts (4x)
    7. Pull the pump mount bolts (4x)
    8. Pull (the pump)


    1. Grease the large seal o-ring with a good waterproof grease
    2. Grease the impeller splines (one big bead all the way aroud) and boot (light coating on seal surface)
    3. Make sure the dowl pins are in place in ither the seat or the pump
    4. Line the impeller up onto the driveshaft and push the pump up to the mounting plate
    5. *make sure the cooling water passage is on the left side
    6. **make sure the speed sensor wire is NOT trapped between the mounting plate and pump (d'oh!)
    7. Bolt the pump to the plate (4x) use red locktite and torque down to 16 foot pounds
    8. Bolt the nozel to the pump (4x) use red locktite and torque down to 16 foot pounds
    9. Re-install the steering (and trim) cables
    10. Push the builge hose onto the nozel fitting and secure with a zip tie
    11. Grease the track for the Reverse bucket pivot bolt
    12. Bolt on the Reverse bucket pivot bolt (through the bracket) and use red locktite
    13. Grease the smooth part of the reverse bucket bolts and Bolt down the reverse bucket (2x) use red locktite
    14. Re-attach reverse bucket cable

    That's it. piece of cake. now for the fun stuff. my notes.

    1. As mentioned earlier, use red locktite on everything. ** THIS INCLUDES THE IMPELLER THREADS! (No Grease, it WILL back off and damage the pump)
    2. Throw away any Honda greases you have. They are enviro-friendly, but verry wussy for the job. Instead use a quality waterproof grease. My favorite is Johnson & Evinrude tripple guard grease
    3. This goes for the grease in the pump as well. I've had much better results by using a gear oil in the pump instead of a grease. My sujestion is Johnson & Evinrude Synthetic Lower Unit gear oil. I fill the pump to the point of where I can just see the oil coming up over the bearing when the pump's at a 45 degree angle or so.
    4. When pulling off the impeller, use a big bench vice to hold the pump shaft while you break the impeller free with a breaker bar on the impeller tool
    5. Make sure when installing a new impeller to put the rubber stopper in that goes between the splines and threads of the impeller. Afterwards load up the splines of the impeller with grease... lots of it. (it'll keep the pump quiet)
    6. The stock impeller is a @#$% to get off. Heat may be required ... along with a cheater bar. But, be carefull!
    7. Use grease on all o-rings, even the small ones sealing the back side of the impeller. Make sure that the tiny one is still there.

    hmmm, what else.... That's all I can think of for the moment.

    Good luck, everyone! It's really verry simple and easy to work on once you do it once or twice.
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