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    rough water riding tips stx 15f

    yep i went out riding today wollongong (australia) very strong onshore wind and 2meter plus waves makes for some scary times out in the surf

    even more so since my ski is a stx 15f really beats the hell out of ya in the ruff from what ive seen so far although its heaps of fun in small chop to flat water and perfect for wave jumping i bought my ski because i liked the way it handles around corners but ?

    the bigger slower skis like the yamaha 1100 vx with less hp than me can pull away in the chop although after having a big crash last weekend im not so keen on wot in the chop after getting chucked over the handle bars at about 90kph into a wave maybe that has something to do with it

    also will it be better or worse with a full tank of fuel i noticed today my ski nose drived a bit on the bigger stuff

    are any mods that will make it handle the chop a bit better

    also im new to jetskis

    any riding tips when riding in the chop ie should i be standing while riding or sitting down with my feet pushed forward to hold steady

    im aware an ultra is really meant for the chop but there to big to take out jumping waves and having all the dramas i keep reading about with the supercharger and pump failures causing the engine to blow scares me away from buying one at the moment and an n/a one is too slow

    cheers trev

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    Well I don't know of any mods yet but i do know that standing with as much of your body weight as you can as far back on the ski as you can get it sure helps. My 15f can get real interesting in the rough, you just have to figure out what is the most comfortable position for you to ride in.. keep it safe and experiment with different ridding positions and styles. Maybe you will find a mod that the rest of the 15f guys can do.

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    thanks mate yeah ive had some good crashes over the last few weeks having little to no jetski experience in the surf can really hurt at times flying over the handle bars at 80kph into on coming waves or the cross waves chucking you off that seem to appear out of now where at that speed

    i noticed over the weekend when i learn to far forward in big surf the ski tends to nose drive when jumping off big waves or really bad chop ill have to try sitting as far as i can and still being able to stay in control next weekend

    i was thinking maybe about chucking a 20ltr container of water under the rear seat to put some more weight at the rear of my ski as i feel since i only weight about 70kg or so with a full tank of gas up front ill never be able to lean back far enough to counter that weight that and maybe only putting half a tank of fuel in next time and seeing how i go

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    It will come with experience, just take it easy and get to know the machine.

    I have over 150hrs on my stage 1 15f this year and as you get ski fit and you know what it can do you will be right.

    I can ride my full throttle at 100Ks and hr in 1 meter chop and leave all my mates with less experience on skis like FXSHO or RXT way behind. I am alwas stopping and waiting for them on long rough rides.

    Yes its the ski but alot of it is the rider as well.
    Put lots of hrs on it and you will be flying.
    The 15f does nose dive a bit with a full tank so if you are doing alot of jumping oly half fill it up at a time.


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    buy a rideplate and pump wedge, it will get the bow out of the water, how tall are you? taller handlebars might help get you further back.


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