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Thread: kawi wins again

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    kawi wins again

    hi guys. only have one hand to type with so no caps or...
    just thought you all should know a kawasaki won the mark hahn 300. a yami was 2nd and sea doo 3 and 4.
    let the good times roll.

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    Did you ever doubt it?

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    Congrats to all the riders.

    Well done Kawi

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    Australia mate fair dinkum.
    and it was flat so I hear.

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    I wonder how things would fair is the riders rode different brands? Some guys ride so well they can win with any brand, hats off to riding skill.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Skips313 View Post
    Did you ever doubt it?
    I did (but not much) because the water condtion could dictate the outcome somewhat. Anyway I am even more glad because Green team won the race which was mainly sponsored by the Yellow team/Bombardier.

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    GO KAWI!

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