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    Water Dropets on Plug

    Hi Guys,

    I'm still tuning up a SLX780 after replacing the centre piston. In the process of pulling the plugs to check the pistion wash, I've discovered some tiny water droplets on the PTO plug. Where would these be coming from?

    The other plugs are fine and all are still running quite rich.


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    has to be gas or condensation unless your motor is cracked

    if it were water than your clys are cracked or head is cracked , or a gasket or oring is bad

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    What did the burned out piston look like ? was it a hole in the middle or torn up rings / torn up on the piston perimeter?

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    The piston that was replaced was the centre one. It's skirt was torn up, which I think was caused by an oil supply issue, which is now resolved due to going premix.

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