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    Genes Powersports May 15th?

    OK, Its almost time to get out the jet skis. Go buy some Shell V-power 93 octane and get some practice. I will be off the weekend before the 1st round of R5waterxracing tour. If anybody wants to practice at Gene's let me know what ski you want me to bring and we can ride laps, practice starts whatever ! We can get there as early when they open at 9am and we need to be gone by when they close at 5pm.

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    Do they still do the Galveston to Lake Charles and back run anymore?

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    Not sure.... I follow the racing circuits mainly. I have read on here something about a Texas Long ride and I know the Mudbug is real popular. I only have stand up skis and waveblasters nothing you would wanna ride more then a few miles. Keep your eyes on the Texas ride threads. If you wanna see bar to bar PWC racing then come to Baytown May 23rd

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    R5WaterXRacing is pleased to announce the info for Rds 1&2 of The 2010 R5WaterXRacing Tour at Gene's Powersports in Baytown, TX May 22-23rd 2010!

    With less than 60 days remaining before the 2010 R5WaterXRacing Tour kicks off with Rds 1&2 in Baytown, TX at Genes Powersports, R5WX is working hard to put the finishing touches on the upcoming season.

    There are rumors that there will be some racers returning for 2010 that will be racing again in R5 with the likes of Tim Judge of Judge Motorsports reportedly returning to the track racing in the Sport Spec class! Also reported is that Freddy Vaca will make his return to racing as well as a few others. The much anticipated return of "The Judge" will be the one to be watched as it may be "JUDGEMENT DAY" for many racers in whatever class The Judge makes his return to.

    Rds 1&2 will see some decent payouts this year that R5 hasnt seen in the early rds of past seasons. Below you will find the payout structure for Rds 1&2. Note that there must be a minimum of 4 racers in each "Premier" class inorder to qualify for the Total cash payout, If there are less than 4 racers in the calss ONLY 50% payback will be paid. Payouts are subject to INCREASE at anytime, Final payouts will be posted on pit boardon race weekend! Premier classes are defined as those that are payout type classes and reserved & designed for those who hold a Expert & or Pro card. ALL RACERS MUST BE A IJSBA MEMBER. You can purchase your IJSAB membership here or at the race site.

    Rds 1&2 of the 2010 R5WaterXRacing Tour will see the following payout structure:

    Pro R/A Open= $100.00+50% Payback
    Pro Ski GP= $100.00+50% Payback
    Pro R/A Stk= $100.00+50% Payback
    Pro Ski Stk= $100.00+50% Payback
    Sport Spec= $100.00+50% Payback
    Pro Freestyle= $100.00+50% Payback
    Rds 1&2 of The 2010 R5WaterXRacing Endurance Tour will see the following Payout:
    Pro R/A Open Endurance= $100.00+50% Payback
    Pro Ski GP Endurance= $100.00+50% Payback
    Pro R/A Stk Endurance= $50.00+50% Payback

    Gate fees will be implemented at the cost of $10.00 per person per day or $15.00 for the weekend. ALL racers will recieve one racer armband with 1 holder and 1 mechanic armband. All armbands needed after that will need to be purchased. NO ONE will be allowed on the race site without an armband.

    NO ALCHOHOL will be allowed in the hot pit area during the race day, There will be random checks of containers throughout the day. If alcohol is found you will be removed from the premises.

    R5WX will be implementing the Equalizer buoy this year to reduce the risk of danger when a buoy is missed. It will be either BLACK, GREEN or BLUE.

    The endurance racing for R5WX this year will be in full swing for 2010 so be sure you get you entries in ASAP!

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