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    Flywheel install

    Well once I get this dreaded engine situation sorted I am going to have to swap my flywheel and PTO over. Now the Kawasaki shop quoted me $45 to swap the flywheel and PTO from the old motor to the new one. Not bad but I think I can save myself some more money. So I actually got the PTO off myself and can put it on the new motor.

    Now I just need them to take the old flywheel off and that shouldn't cost much just to take the flywheel off. Here is my question, I was hoping to save some more cash and put it on the new motor myself. So do I need any special tools to put it back on or just tap onto the crank with a mallet and torque it down? I always see threads about taking them off, but never putting them on.


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    No hammer. Just line everything up and tighten the bolt.

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