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    gp760 head question

    Anyone know if model #14-9482 will fit on a 1999 GP760? Even though it calls for a 14-9483*. What is the difference between the models?

    I found a 14-9482 that the seller says he had on a GP760.

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    Lightbulb ????

    Kaarona.. (again in case you missed it in the other section)

    Its no good if its the #14-9482 model..
    This is for superjets, blaster 1's, waveriader 701's etc
    These came with an 81mm bore..

    #14-9483 model..
    Is for the GP760, Waveblaster 2 etc
    That engine has an 84mm bore..

    The head will bolt on...
    But it won't work the way it should..


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    thanks! Sorry for the double post, but I was told I would get better results over here

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    the performance section is more general than the more specific old school area!!! There, many members have owned old school in the past, so their knowlage base is also very large!! .. here in O/S we are more specific to your ski and this would have been the ideal area to post..


    As mentioned above this will not work for you. the cylinder diameters are different!!

    there are aftermarket heads that can interchange with useage of the right dome's.. 701's and 760's being a prime example of this..

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