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    Life Jacket with Hard Plastic over chest

    Anyone know of a life jacket or pfd with plates in it? I fractured my sternum last year on my ski due to overstuffing. I never want to experience that kind of pain again, nor would I wish it on anyone. I am debating on whether or not to even keep the ski's! I am looking for a pfd with hard plastic inside of it. Anyone know of such a thing or can recommend the best possible protection for a pfd?

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    I'm also wondering about this.. I know some of the jackets like O'neill offer some kind of kidney support but I haven't found anything yet with chest protection also...Has anyone came up with a way to add a spot to hook into pfd's with the dess key for sea doos?

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    You call these guys and tell them what you want. They are the real deal, and build race vest for boat racers. Be warned, this isn't a cheap vest, and your wallet will suffer. But if your choices are protecting yourself, or getting out of the sport, this might be an option.

    The one I saw up-close and personal had pockets inside the vest, on each side of the zipper that allowed hard material to be inserted, such as plastic inserts.

    They do whatever colors you want.

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    WoW, Those are pricey. I want the one with the parachute!

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    Chest protector

    Look to motorcross products. You'll have to wear a rashguard then motox chest protector then vest. You could do this cheap. Like 20 bucks.

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    How fast were you moving?
    Vest would help, but you could still be injured in other areas!
    You need to find out why it stuffed and keep it from happening again.
    Otherwise, you are never going to trust it.

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