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    rtx 215 2008 what size impeller use??????

    i have rtx 215 2008 install riva gate,riva gen 1 intercooler kit,hks blow-off kit, riva water box, riva manifold block-off kit, worx racing sponson,riva pro-series o.p.a.s kit, rude 2 supercharger impeller, 4" intake,riva catch can,seadoo centre 60ib injector, seadoo centre re-progam ecu (rpm8650), riva valve train kit , what size impeller is best top end performance ????????

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    To get those rpm's you will prob want a 14/19 OR 15/20

    Hard to predict exactly as temps, altitude, etc etc change
    from location to location.
    You will need 1 of them to strart with, then take rpm and
    speed (gps) readings and tweak from there.
    14/19 is almost right for my mods in sig, but i'm
    only trying to get to 8300 rpms.

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    15/22 to start with the rude2.

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    thank for reply,i have test riva 3bade 15/19r but rpm 8000 gps70.4mph, and riva 4bade 15/22r rpm can get 7600 and gps68.2mph, because my coutry weather is 35c water temp is 27c , any idea let me know ??

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