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    2008 Ultra LX Oil, Filter, & Plugs

    I am planning on summerizing my Ultra at the end of this month. I want to order everything needed for the summerizing early, so I have everything at home and ready.

    This is the first time I am going to be summerizing my ski so I need a few opinions?

    I am checking the Amsoil website and its giving me two options, either:

    10w-30 or 10w-40 for oil. What weight should I go with?

    Also, How many quarts does the motor take?

    Should I get the oil filter from Amsoil also? Or from the Kawasaki dealer? Do I even need to change it after 1 season?

    This is the filter part number they are giving me, EAOM103 is that correct?

    For the spark plugs, two different part numbers are coming up:

    Standard plugs : NGK4548 (C9EK)
    Premium plugs: NGK3521 (C9EIX)

    Are those part number correct and does it matter what plug I go with? Also, is there somewhere I can get them cheaper?

    Anything else other than plugs, filter, and oil that I am missing??


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    I use everything as recommended by Kawasaki. C9EK and oil and filter from the dealership. It helped me when I needed warranty work. No questions about anything and it was all on their computer.
    I change my oil twice a year and my plugs every two months if they last that long.

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    I am a huge fan of the ix plugs, I run them in my tundra and they are great I have yet to use them in my ski though so the jury may still be out


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