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    1997 yamaha 1100cc

    I just got a 1997 wave venture 1100cc it dose not have a motor in it. Dose in any know what motor will fit in it. I am looking to fit the biggest one i can in it or bulid a old 1100 my self any ideas? Dose any one have a Motor for sale as well.

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    Run a 65U 1200cc motor made by yamaha. This would be the same one that is in the 1997-1999 Yamaha Gp1200. It is a non powervalve engine, the cyls are steel sleaved, monoblock style cyls. The model number is 65U on the cases. I have a feeling that if the motor is missing so is the electronics. This would be the easiest bolt in application.

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    Get a 1200 engine. I have a Waveraider and I am upgrading mine to a 1200. Its called a 65U NonPowervalve 1200 engine. Post a wanted ad in the classifieds. The downside is that its more expensive for a 1200. You can find a complete 1100 engine in the 500-700 range, but the 1200 is going to be 900-1100.


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    i am also lookin for a 1100 0r 1200 used motor blown or not. my lower case got missin. If you find anything let me know thanks

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