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    New guy needs some advise

    I went to a dealer he had a 2008 YAMAHA VX1100-H 125hr with trailer for $5000 . 125hr is allot of hrs is it worth the money ??
    also what would you recommend for a yahmaha for fishing .

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    first off welcome to the forum

    i work at a dealer, personally i wouldnt fish off a pwc unless it was a yama suv 1200 which is the only 4 seater yamaha made. but the vx is a good ski im not sure if thats too many hrs. cuz i no on a two stroke 170 hrs plus usually needs a new top end. im not sure on that one.

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    Im a mechanic at a dealership and 125hrs isnt alot as long as you have service records for all the oil changes and know that the ski was taken care of. The vx is a good all around ski to do anything with. I wouldnt pay anymore then $4000-4500 depending on the condition. Good luck

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    As carvalho long as it has been well maintained, then 125 hrs is fine.
    You may want to consider looking at the FX 140 or 160, especially if you plan to fish offshore......the hull is much more stable on these compared to the VX aswell as having much more storage space.
    As a note, I have 220 hrs on my FX problems, routine maintenance only.

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    welcome to the forum

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