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    Electric PWC Has Big-Name Tuner Support

    Freeride champ Ross Champion and renowned engine builder Steve Webster are the names behind another electric PWC effort, but this one seems like it's got some serious long-term potential. Webster is one of the sport's premier engine builders, and the driving force behind Kommander.

    Click here for the details as well as a preview video...

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    Just did an interview with Ross and Steve yesterday, and this project definitely looks promising. I'll have more details soon...

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    That looks really cool Jeff

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    It looks much faster than the elctric ski that was at the spring Hydrodrags last year. It topped out somewhere between 3-5mph.

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    I can't stop thinking about what happens when you introduce electricity to water.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5001craig View Post
    I can't stop thinking about what happens when you introduce electricity to water.
    Everything in the electrical system just needs to be really, really well sealed and insulated.

    The big issues will be energy density of the batteries, overall weight, and running time before recharge.

    And how to recharge safely and effectively in a wet environment
    Where does the electricity come from for recharging?

    If the weight can be kept in check, I am sure the performance can be impressive - until the batteries are exhausted.

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