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    Where do you guys buy your Stainless 02 bung BOLTS?

    I have a stainless bung welded in. The POS bolt that came with my AFR kit already has rust scaling on it after one outing.

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    u can buy the bung and the bolt together or go to a hardware store and take the bolt with u and try and match up one.

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    M18 X 1.5 Some Oil Drain plugs are the same just not stainless.

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    Wait...if these guys sell stainless steel bungs and bolts...why did my LC-1 ship with such a crappy one?

    Thanks for the link man.

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    That is the one I got with mine...wish I could have picked the stainless one and saved $4. Now I have to pay $8 plus shipping for the lousy bolt.

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    You have to ask for a stainless one when you make your purchase. I did the same thing.

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    All of the stainless bungs I have gotten come with non stainless plugs even when ordered stainless thru innovate. if you go stainless with both make sure you use lots of antiseize and remove it periodicly so it doesn't seize.

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    Quote Originally Posted by speedskixp View Post
    All of the stainless bungs I have gotten come with non stainless plugs even when ordered stainless thru innovate. if you go stainles with both make sure you us lots of antiseize and remove it periodicly so it does'nt seize. This is a good idea either way.
    Dude - if I just spent $14.79 with shipping and this thing is NOT STAINLESS...I am gonna be pissed.

    I already have the stainless bung in the j-pipe - I just need the bolt.

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    It would be nice to have a stainless bung plug as they don't rust like carbon steel, but trust me... you don't want one!!! Threaded stainless on stainless will "thread gall" very quickly... especially in a high heat environment. When this happens... not if, but when... you will never get the plug out!

    Thread galling seems to be the most prevalent with fasteners made of stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, and other alloys which self-generate an oxide surface film for corrosion protection. During fastener tightening, as pressure builds between the contacting and sliding thread surfaces, protective oxides are broken, possibly wiped off, and interface metal high points shear or lock together. This cumulative clogging-shearing-locking action causes increasing adhesion. In the extreme, galling leads to seizing - the actual freezing together of the threads. If tightening is continued, the fastener can be twisted off or its threads ripped out.

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