Guys i know that there are a lot of us that have kids and we are all thankful that they are healthy. Some have problems but the doctors at least know what the problems is and can help somewhat.
Think if you were the parent a vibrant littl girl that is nicknamed giggles that can barely walk, has problems eating and lots more challenges and the Doctors have not a clue to what is wrong. Then Mayo Clinic says come on up and we will look at her and oh by the way bring 10000 cash with you to pay us before we do anything. Thats what happens when you have no insurance.
Prayers and good thoughts are needed. The money is also appreciated. Check this website out and see what one young person is doing.
Any of you guys that want to help its appreciated. Heck food and a place to stay on the way is great to.

By the way i know this little girl personaly along with mom and sister they are a great family.
Thanks for looking any more info call me 316-734-1112

John Carter