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    2009 FZR Stage 1 Advice

    I am thinking about buying the Riva Racing Stage 1 kit for my 2009 FZR. I was wondering if this kit is worth the money? I am also thinking about getting the through hull rear exit exhaust as well. Please let me know if this is worth it. Thanks for the help!

    (I really want to be the loudest ski on the water!!)

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    the problem with the riva stae 1 kit is that the rideplate is more of a top speed plate so if you ride offshore it would not be a good choice. There's been good results with the VX rideplate, you might want to ask Jim about that. The air intake, manifold upgrade, and exhaust work as advertised. Also, a lot of people chose to go with the R&D intake grate and ppk over the riva version; Jerry reported better results with the R&D grate. check out his build up.

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