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    Corrosion ? for RXT Is/GTX Is

    So...still working on getting a new ski - youngest has kept me too busy to get out on the water but spring is here and the bug is getting stronger.

    Anyway - last year I wanted to get a new RXT Is but two things stopped me:

    1. The lag time to get them here in Japan and

    2. The dealer had a concern about the suspension and computers that control the suspension holding up with salt water use. He didnt' think there was enough access to clean out those area's of the hull adequately and was skeptical of it holding up with long term use in the ocean. He didn't have one for me to look at so of course I had to take his word at it. I maintain my ski's immaculately and access to all areas for cleaning helps alot.

    So for all of you ocean riding Is ski owners out there - how has your ski held up? Look like brand new still? If you're on GH, I assume you take care of your ski...

    Thanks for your help...

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    Hi. I dont think it will be any problem what so ever with salt water inside,of 2 reasons. 1. I read here on the forum that there was i gay who said that even after alot of playing and diving with his IS mod, he couldent see any water inside,that tis model was even more "closed" than others (cant find the link) 2. I recive a technician magazine 2 month ago and this tells me global news of industry parts, and they had 2 sites in this magazine about RXT IS and its suspension, and they wrote that because of salt water corrosion BRP could not use metal parts for this,so they turn to a big and good company who makes parts for all suspension types, and work together to come up with a solution for this salt/suspenion thing,and they come up with a suspension parts in realy strong material,dont remember the material maybe it was plastic or nylon. I never ride mine IS yet so i dont now all this in practis,still waiting for the snow to go away here in Norway (looks like next week) but maybe some others have experiens with this??

    2009 RXT IS
    Brand New

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    This is iromic. Salt water causing a problem? Isn't the machine a SEA doo?

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    i hope this is not true! thinking of getting one!

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    ALL water going craft are suseptible to salt water damage. If water does get in and it will i can see why the IS would be hard to clean out and maintain.

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