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Thread: SL 750 Stator

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    SL 750 Stator

    I believe the 650/750/780 stators are the same, but the ski is a 93 650 with 95 750 jugs, pistons, and heads, and CDI if that matters.

    Shoot me a PM with what you have and how much you're looking to get
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    The 'early year' 650 stators are different from the 750 and even the later 650 stators.

    You can cross check the part numbers here;

    If your electrical (stator+CDI) is based on the 1993 650 engine, then you need to cross check compatibility with the replacement stator carefully.

    You may need to swap in a newer stator and CDI that match.

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    I have a stator and flywheel that came out of a 95 750 motor. Let me know if it will work on your motor.

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    650 stators will fail if you're using a 750 or 780 CDI.

    650 CDI are analog, while the 750/780 uses digital signals.

    Stick with a 750 or 780 stator and flywheel so you don't need to buy another sometime soon.

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    kevin is correct.

    i have good, clean, low hour freshwater stators, flywheels, and CDI's here, if you want to convert to the newer type ignition system.

    send me an email, or call the shop if i can help.

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    I will probably pull the engine and see if I can repair the ground wire on my 93 650 stator, and use the 650 flywheel and 650 CDI.

    Thanks guys.

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