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    Kawasaki Wins Mark Hahn 300, 2nd year in a row.

    The race was basically a flat water race IMO. Unlike last year. Yes, Ruiz on his FZR got a big lead, but he was unable to keep his ski running, and went out only after a few laps (from my view, I got a VERY good start to the race, IMO, I got the Holeshot (not that it matters), but Warner QUICKLY caught and past me, but Ruiz past me a little further, but seemed to be going a lot faster), I was then passed by my team mate Conner on his RXT, and Ricky T on his RXT. A few seconds later I believe Macc then passed me.
    Warner on his Factory Kawi looked pretty good, and was solid the enitre race, pullig in the FASTEST lap time of the day, and finishing the race in record time! The ultra has now won this race 2 years in a row, last year being the roughest in history, and Warner has been Back to Back National Offshore Champion in the LB2CAT, with the Ultra taking 1-3 last year LB2CAT, and 1, 3, 4, 5 in Last years MH300. I'm amazed that the Ultra continues to win races with all the 80 MPH boats we keep seeing from other manufacturers! They all get a LOT of talk, and seem to be what everyone is buying, and making fast, but in my limited experience, its all about HOOKUP, and the Ultra is unmatched in that regard. I don’t have speeds on the Ultra of Warner, or on the FZR of Ruiz ( but damm…It passed me like I was standing still.) Not making excuses here, Mark and I had a hiccup during the parade lap, the Ultra started to act up. After dumping a lot of cash into prep and race costs, we made a decision to go with the RXT which seemed to be running strong. The Ultra was also running VERY good when it did not have the issue, but we did not want to take the chance of only completing a "FEW" laps, and getting a DNF. So literally 5 minutes prior to the start of the race, we had to transfer the transponder to the RXT, and fuel it up as we were set to race the Ultra.
    As noted above, I got a GREAT start, but the stock ecu RXT quicly hit the rev limiter, and was passed by the faster ski's! Not to worry tho, our plan was to finish the race, and we knew leading lap 1 is kind of a curse for this race.
    After the start of the race, the Ultra disappeared into the lake, I rarely got to see it. I would notice it during my sit times it was on a fast pace still. At one point, my last leg of racing (lap 25 or so), I recall being pinned on the flatest part of the lake, heading back to the pit area, I was all alone, so I thought, I noticed a ski pull up 10 feet from me, I look over, its Warner giving a HEAD NOD like to say WHATS UP! I shook my head in shame, he shook his with pride, and pulled away! Mind you our RXT was GPS'd at 74.3 a week before the race! I was impressed to say the least.
    Well, all of you Ultra owners, rest assure, the Kawi continues to WIN RACES, sure its not an 80 MPH ski like MANY of the ones you see in other areas of the forum, but it wins races, and as a racer, that owns an Ultra, its good news for us. I hope to get my Green Monstor back up and running to really compete for the LB2CAT National Championship!

    It was not the outcome Mark and I had wanted, we are not happy with the 4th place finish, but we are pleased to have finished the race after dumping 2 gallons of oil into the ski during the race. The ski was eating oil like crazy! That’s 2 top 4 finishes in the last 2 years for us so we can hold our head up for that I suppose. BTW, our Pit team did a phenominal job (winning the Sea Doo Pit team challenge, given to the top performing Pit Crew). Several of the Pit team members are on GH, Tommy (Fire0021 Quad driver) John (OC Jac), Pirate33 to name a few…Thanks guys!

    A few links for folks to check out as well.

    BTW2...Congrats to Warner, and Sheldon on the Victory. And congrats to ALL teams that participated and finished the race , as well as teams that had bad luck and were not able to finish.

    Quote Originally Posted by pirate33 View Post
    2010 Mark Hahn 300 Site[/url]
    Video of the Award Winning PWC Pit Crew Teams 1st stop (You will need a Facebook to view these two videos at this time)
    Video of the start of "Hole Shot Dubz"
    Robert 'Dubz' Carreon's FaceBook
    in HD by John Damberger[/url]
    Rip n' Tear SHO Utube's - The start[/URL]
    Lap 2[/url]
    Pictures[email protected]/"]PwcOffShore's photostream[/url]
    Hydrotoys - give him time to upload this years, also past years photos[/url]
    Hydrotoys Facebook photos[/url]
    Brian aka GPR721
    Havasu Photo[/url]
    Forum - Web Links on the 2010 Mark Hahn 300
    So Cal Water Craft Club Main Thread[/url]
    Sea Doo Pit Crew Award[/url] on the So Cal WaterCraft Forum[/url][/url]
    There's a few different threads going on on GreenHulk and PWCToday so you have to surf around their racing sections

    Craig Warner - Victor Sheldon 2010 Mark Hahn Memorial 300 Overall Winners

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    To finish such a great and long race in the top 5 is still a huge achievement well done you guys.

    ps Rob, I've told you before about riding sea poos. lol

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    Robert robert robert. Man oh man I think I saw a pic with a skinny guy on a SeaDonkey. Brother I love ya enough to fly out there and help you guys get the Red-n-Green bolted down.

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    Here's another article

    And a few pictures from the day taken by
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