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    1100 vs 1200PV motor mount diff

    Considering a conversion project. XR1800 or Exciter with FX140 or FXHO motors. I know the FX's will fit in the mount locations for the 1200PV on the XR1800, but will they work if I go with the Exciter with 1100's

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    Don't know. There was a guy on the Yamaha jet boat board that put XR 1800 PV engines in an Exciter and he had to do a lot of modifications to the front engine compartment bulkhead to squeeze it in. The exhaust was tough to get in, as well.

    The Exciter engine compartments are pretty small.

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    The way the newer 1200 PV motor bolts in there going to be different could be a little work to convert.

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