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    do you have the ride plate? if so will it fit a 96 slt780? ii am looking for a ride plate and intake grate for my 96 slt 780. by the way mine also was flooded out but i was able to get it running. it took about three hours of vacuuming and turning over to clear it. found out it only had 12.3 hours on it. i t was given to me in trade along with a 95 slt750 for an old bayliner i had. having problems with carbs now any suggestions? also how do you remove the fuel tank so you can clean the pick up unit in the gas tank, i think mine is clogged.
    thanks steve usn ret.

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    Flooded out - the engine? with water?

    Click below for some useful info regarding your Fuji engined Polaris

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    Welcome to the Hulk rwc297.

    Are you looking for aftermarket parts I assume?

    What type of water conditions do you normally ride in? Smooth, slight chop, or rough?

    What are you looking to achieve from the ride plate and intake grate?

    The SLT 780 already has the extended ride plate from the factory. Switching to an Ocean Pro plate may help with a little better handling, but won't really gain you any better accel or top speed.

    An R&D intake grate may help keep the pump hooked up while keeping the ski planted in the water better in rougher conditions.

    Both are problems that don't really concern the SLT hull from what I hear, but will help quite a bit on the SL 2 seater.

    If you mean the ski was sunk, and due to the age of it, I'd rebuild the carbs and fuel pump. There's a chance that water has gotten inide and will not come out under normal running conditions.

    Water inside the fuel pump's vacuum side can damage the diaphragm and weaken the fuel pump pressure. While water inside the carbs can rust them and/or clog the jets.

    Running the ski with a restricted fuel supply will result in piston damage for sure. So, spend the little bit of $$$ to refresh the fuel system and prevent having to put it towards that AND a new piston.

    Also be sure to clean the water seperator out. And if you're concerned about the fuel sender being clogged, you can always shoot compressed air through the fuel hose fittings at the top of it.

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    WELCOME to the board 297.

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