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    have a strange question

    has anyone ever heard of the start stop switch to let the motor turn over but not start on a 97 900sl

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    my old sl 650 used to do that with out the key if that is what you mean.. but i am not sure if you mean with the key in or out.. your switch might be bad..

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    More detail please.

    Number one cause of no spark is a weak battery.

    Confirm battery voltage while the engine is cranking, using a multi-meter. Voltage must be above 10.5 volts while cranking, or no spark.

    If battery voltage is good;
    Lanyard out - does it crank?

    Lanyard in, does it crank?

    Do you have a separate Start button, or a combined Start/Stop button?

    Do you have spark while cranking, or just as you release the Start button?

    Do you know if the engine has the original ignition system, or the updated CDI+stator?

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    with key in motor turns but wont start guy workin on it called and said he not getting a secondary signal from switch to coil and its the swich is bad

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    seperate buttons has start and stop bilge and trim he said that he has no readings betwwen contacts and thats why the coil is not putting out any spark no spark while crankin and battery testing at 12.5

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    Looking at the wiring diagram, the Start switch function has two switches, but only one circuit to the solenoid. If the engine is cranking, then the Start button is working.

    The STOP circuit is important. When the lanyard is in place, the Black/Yellow wire from the lanyard switch must not be grounded. If it is grounded, then you will not have spark.

    My suspicion is that the switches are fine. Still should be checked for correct operation with an ohm-meter, of course.

    Battery voltage is the first thing to check. A weak battery means no spark, even if the engine is cranking.

    Battery voltage when the engine is NOT cranking doesn't count. 12.5 volts is the voltage when not cranking.

    Next up is to confirm voltage to the CDI's Red/Purple wire. Must be above 10.6 volts while cranking.

    If that is good, then the CDI and/or stator may have failed. If they are the original part numbers, then they are known to fail.

    Polaris issued an Ignition System Update Kit, which includes a newer design CDI and a newer stator.

    Click the links below to find more info on diagnosing the Red Domestic engines

    Polaris Domestic (red) engine

    How do I tell whether I have an updated or original type domestic ignition?
    How do I test old and new domestic red engine CDI, Magneto and Ignition coils?

    My ohm-meter measurements don't exactly agree with the service manual specifications. Is this OK?

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    if stop button is bad would the engine still turn over

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    ok i have to say thi the guy working on it is a seadoo mechanic and iam kind of leary as to if he really knows about polaris

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    Quote Originally Posted by davidmcm View Post
    if stop button is bad would the engine still turn over?

    The Stop button only controls/kills ignition (spark), not cranking.

    The Start button only controls engine starter cranking, not spark.

    If the tech is not familiar with Polaris, it may take a lot longer to diagnose the problem(s).

    Where are you located, exactly?

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    ^What he said.

    When I bought my Hurricane, it ran on the trailer when I picked it up from the seller. That afternoon I brought it to the lake to give it a spin and it wouldn't start. Thought it was the battery. Took it home and dropped in a fresh battery, still no spark.
    I tore in to the e-box thinking the stator/cdi was done. Probed a little bit and figured out that the kill switch/stop closed, even with the lanyard attached.
    After some head scratching, I pulled the switch apart and found that it was sticking and wouldn't always open, even when the lanyard was on. If I bumped it one or two times by hand it would pop open and then the engine would start.

    Short version:
    -Engine will turn over without lanyard attached. Will not spark.
    -If stop button or lanyard switch is not working, will still turn over but won't spark.

    If the e-box is open, he can disconnect the black/yellow wires from the terminal board and see if it gets spark. This will bypass the kill switches so be prepared to reconnect them or pull the plug wires if it does start up as you won't be able to kill with the lanyard or switch.

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