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    cleaning and reapplying silicone?

    My Riva ride plate should be coming in sometime next week, I already took off my factory ride plate and there is a ton of silicone left on the ski.

    Whats my best way to remove the excess silicone without scratching the bottom on the ski?

    Also, how exactly should I go about reapplying the new silicone when the riva ride plate goes on??

    What is the best silicone to use to reapply??


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    I would use a razor blade to carefully remove the bulk of it. then come back with mineral spirits or vinegar and use and old sock to remove the remaining. As you rube, it should rumble some. I've used this technique of repairing aquariums in the past.
    Try acetone as well, but keep an eye on the finish to make sure you don't harm it. If you use acetone, try it on an inconspicuous area.

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