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Thread: spring ski sale

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    spring ski sale

    i have a few skis id like to no longer see in my yard
    gonna list them here 1st
    these are all skis i buy and fix up but never use
    i think the 3 ventures need the carbs cleaned from sitting but i will take care of that or knock some $ off if you wanna do it
    there is some sun fade on all of them but not much

    00 gp1200r , $3500
    95 raider1100,$2500
    2 venture 760s ,on a double trailer $4500
    96 venture 1100,$2200
    96 xp, $1500
    98 spx,$2000

    i have more skis but these are the ones that most fit this site
    standups and blasters will be on the x-h2o site
    pm me if there is anything you want pics of and i will try to get it for you
    all skis are in mobile alabama
    alabama is a non title state but i will provide a bill of sale
    you will be welcome to test ride before purchase

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    mobile alabama
    thanks for moving this , id never seen the sub ski classified section before

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