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    Problem with rpm (1999 ultra 150)

    Hello togheter,
    we are from germany and have a question about our ultra 150.
    When we start the engine and drive with the ski, the engine turns not over 4000 rpm.
    We checked the carbs, the plugs are new, all three cylinders are hot.
    Which problems can we have?


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    Bad pump bearings, throttle not opening fully, choke not open fully are a few things that come to mind. Are you getting any warning lights?

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    Thnaks! Tomorro we look to the bearings. Today we look to the fuel pump. We put the thumb on the vent line and we have low underpressure and on the puls line we have NO pressure! How do we now if the pump is broken or something before or behind the part. Thanks

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    Have you run a compression test?

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    No, we dont do this! How much compression must the jet have?
    Thanks from germany

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    Stock would be about 115psi.

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