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    A few newbie questions (gel coat, cleaning, etc)

    Hello all, I just purchased a 2004 STX-15f. First time PWC owner (though my good friends have had them since they were much younger). Anyways I have a few questions about my ski.

    I'm pretty sure the bottom of this ski is gel coat (please correct me if I'm wrong). Anyways, the stupid previous owners seemed to like beaching their ski a lot. Here are a few pictures of what the result of that was:

    Does anyone have any good suggestions on a process to repair this (including specific products to use? I wen't to West Marine and they have all of the tinting, hardeners, gel coat, but I got confused when it came to non-laminating, waxed, etc. The fiberglass is still in excellent shape (no cracks, it's not soft) I just don't want to compromise that.

    Next question: Would there be any harm in keeping the ski like this for a few hours while doing the repair:

    And finally, does anyone have an suggestions for cleaning this grime off? I tried using a regular kitchen pad with some success, but it was also lightly scratching the gel coat:

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    wow no responces to this????? how did u make out with this job?

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    I know with a good buff you can get those minor scratches out. My hull is fading like that also. But good luck

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