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    97 gp 1200 cylinder block

    I installed my pistons into my cylinder block today and did not have no one to help hold the cylinder,tried the zip tie trick but that can be frustrating,i attached a ratchet strap to a beam in the garage and placed some bolts in the cylinder block attaching the strap to the block,lowered it down got first piston in then lowered it on to the next,worked great for me not having to fight the cylinder block,i sure you guys have easy ways to do this but this worked great for me.triple cylinder block can be a pain.

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    Even more of a pain when you do it in the ski on the trailer at the campground I had to do that once. It took me a couple tries to figure it out, it was the first time I had ever done a triple.

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    hope all went well. that is very tricky. a couple 4 letter words of motivaton and little technique, it will all fall together.

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    [QUOTE=OsideBill;1356933]Even more of a pain when you do it in the ski on the trailer

    i didnt know there was any other way

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    Been there done that I dont reccommend it.
    Hot as hell and sweat just driping off me at the time.
    Ported cylinders are even worse because they cut down the sleeve on one side.
    You can use pepsi cans on top of the cases to hold the cylinders for you .

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