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    Kawasaki ZKI????

    I have a friend looking at a 1996 Kawasaki this a 900? 750?...12,099?..LOL.....He knows nothing about this...nor do I....fill me with knowledge, insights and evaluations on this model...please.


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    OK, first it's called a ZXi, not a ZKi.

    1996 was the first year for the 1100, but they also offered a 900 and a 750. I can't tell you which one it is without more info.

    The 900s and 1100s had 3-cylinder engines, the 750 is a 2-cylinder. All have electric trim, non had reverse. The 1100 had something called the KATS system (Kasasaki Automatic Trim System). All it does is give you full down trim until a certain RPM is reached, then it automatically goes to neutral.

    The hulls are the same except the 1100 had something called air induction. This was supposed to make the 'Ski faster by creating air bubbles under the hull. Perhaps it did, but it also made the hull unstable at high speeds and it could flip over unexpectedly. There was a recall on this and they put a fiberglass piece on the front of the hull. The '97s were re-designed.

    I've riden a 750, it would do about 45-50. I owned a 900; it was fun, but tuning the carbs was a pain in the butt. You have to remove them to make any mixture adjustments. I also owned an 1100; which was more fun than the 900, and the carbs were easier to adjust.

    The typical problems on the Kawis are the electric trim (make sure it works!), and the oil lines need to be upgraded to poluyurethane hose. Otherwise, test drive it and do a compression check and go from there.

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    Hey Steve 45,
    I'm a newbie to the pwc world as well but while going thru this forum hoping I may come across questions I have, I came upon this answer you provided about the trim. I have a 97 zxi 750 and trim doesn't work but looking how to troubleshoot the problem. I currently have the engine out and had to do a top end rebuild due to oil injector.

    Thanks for your time,

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    Welcome aboard, 97zxi750!

    Most likely there is a lot of corrosion inside the trim motor box.

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    I will give it a shot,

    Thank you!

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