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    How are the twin 110's in an SX210?

    I know I should be trying to find a boat with the HO motors but I found a pretty sweet deal on an SX210 w/ the 110's. I'm in Iowa at an altitude of 500 ft. so power loss is no problem here. I know the consensus is never to buy an under-powered boat but 220 HP in an 21ft boat doesn't seem like a bad power to weight ratio for a boat. But are I/O's more efficient at putting power to water when compared to a jet drive boat?

    Keep in mind I'm a college student looking to buy my first boat. Doesnt need to be the biggest or fastest think on the water. just needs to get me and 5ish friends out and have a good time.

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    At your elevation, you'll have a lot of fun with it. If you move to the mountains, you'll hate it. At the Yamaha jet boater website, we've had members that can barely get to 35 MPH with the 210 when operating at high elevation.

    The low power will also affect it's resale value, so don't pay a lot for it.

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    We have one with the same engines at your altitude. 45 MPH and pulls all day long. The only case where I wanted a little more HP was when I was pulling one of those 5 person tubes. It could do it, but it struggled some.

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    That boat uses the least amount of gas of any Yamahas. Should work good.

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