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Thread: diff. in cranks

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    diff. in cranks

    what is the difference in the 1100 crank and the 1200 crank.
    i have looked in all my books and all my tech. specs. no info in site. there is suppose to be one with a skinnier nose bearing. thanx

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    Same crank.
    1100 had a longer bearing on the front the 1200 had a shorter bearing with a spacer on the front.
    Either will work in an 1100 or 1200.

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    thanks flyin scotsman. i was wonderin before i tore something up!

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    1100 and 1200 cranks

    I bought a hot rods 1100 crank to stick in my 1200 but it did'nt work. The pin was in the wrong location. So I just drilled the crankshaft case for a new pin location. Lines up perfect and the port to the bearing still lines up.

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