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    Tips for recovering seat?

    This is turning out to be a little more difficult that I expected.

    The original vinyl on the Hurricane was all but gone. I have completely removed it along with all the old staples.

    My problem is that I can't seem to find the right place to start tacking down the new vinyl to properly stretch out all the creases and wrinkles. Especially around the contour toward the front of the seat.

    What are your tips? Where's the best place to start to ensure I get the most wrinkle-free fit?

    I do have a heat gun, but I need to get it close before I start heating, stretching and tacking.

    Here's a recovered seat that's currently on ebay. How'd the get it so perfect?
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    Got this from jettrim:
    Seat Cover Installation Instructions

    # 1. Leave stock cover to insure dryness.

    # 2. Lay your JETTRIM cover over the seat.

    # 3. Find the center point in front of your seat. Match it to the center of your seat cover. Using your staple gun, apply 4 to 5 staples into what is called the "listing". The listing simply is the material that runs around the whole outside perimeter of you seat cover and where your staples sre applied.

    # 4. Move to the front corners of your seat and staple to secure each corner while keeping in mind the stretch factor.

    # 5. Move to the rear of your seat and stretch your seat cover over the back. Stretching is very important, so take your time to insure proper installation.

    # 6. After you have properly stretched your seat cover, secure it by stapling the center then the rear corners of your seat cover.

    # 7. Move back to the front of your seat again, focusing on the wings (bottom front part of your seat). Stretch evenly from side to side and secure with staples.

    # 8. Secure all of your excess material found in all corners. Just like wrapping a present.

    # 9. Once all the corners are secure, everything else, with minimal stretching will fall into place.

    # 10. Don't be afraid to use extra staples to secure your seat cover.

    # 11. Enjoy your new JETTRIM seat cover!

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    you really need two people one to stretch and one to staple. wrap it like a present in the corners (based on what my christmas presents look like.... i had my girlfriend do this part) use as many staples as space allows. and if you pull it tight as you go around it should be a nice looking seat when your done.

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    I just had my seat done by Jettrim. Here's how the underside of the seat looks, so you have an idea of how much stapling and folding to do. I noticed that they did trim really close to the staples in some areas. I'd leave a little more material myself if I were to do this.
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    I went back at it right after I posted this morning. I decided I was either going to figure it out or destroy the vinyl and have it done professionally any way.

    The biggest trick I learned was to use the extra material hanging off to temporarily tack it in place and not try to get your first run of staples along the edge.

    It took a lot more muscle to stretch it than I was expecting. On top of the heat gun, I also threw it in the dryer on medium heat for a few minutes to soften it up and take out the big creases and wrinkles.

    After a couple hours and a a couple hundred staples, I think it came out pretty good.

    I already ordered the missing plastic covers for the front edges of the seat so that will finish it off nicely when they come in.
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    the sltx-slt seat was easy ,

    that hurricane looks to be a pita ,

    but ya you got the tips your self , sometimes you just gotta do it yourself to figure it out

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    Yeah...I ended up with a few extra pin holes from some stray staples from my first attempt last night, but it actually looks really good. We'll see how it holds up through the summer.

    BTW, this was a single yard of vinyl that I got on ebay for about $7 per yard. It's nice and thick and seems like some decent quality stuff. I was going to use some "marine vinyl" from a local chain fabric store, but it was very thin and cheap feeling and I wouldn't give it more than a season in the sun before it faded and cracked.

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    If it's really marine vinyl, it's UV resistant. If it's not, then the color fades quicker.

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    good job glad you were able to figure it ok. it looks good!!!!

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