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    Pump Oil

    Hey Folks,

    I was wondering what oil people are using in their pumps post a rebuild or general maintenance? I'm hoping to find one that can be used in both my Seadoo and Polaris, hate buying separate things for both skis.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Polaris jet pump stators do not use oil. The bearings are sealed and permanently greased.

    When the bearings wear out, they get replaced.

    No periodic maintenance at all for Polaris jet pump bearings, other than possibly checking that there is no water inside the bearing area, and the bearings still turn smoothly, with zero play or slop.

    The through-hull bearing IS greased, and it needs periodic injections of grease to keep the water out, and maintain the lubrication. There is a grease fitting on the through-hull bearing.

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    Thanks for the information. I wish Seadoo had done that also... One less thing to worry about.

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