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    Best Oil Extractor

    I am looking at changing my oil and I have seen 2 oil extractors but I am not sure which you guys have used or which you would recommend.

    Here is the 2 I have seen:



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    Thanks for the links I need a new one. The 2nd link

    Is the one I use (or just like it) as I think most of us do. I also use this to remove the last traces of water from my hull after flushing.

    Just one really important tip, whatever you choose to use. Ride your Ski first to get the oil really hot. If you dont most of the sediment will be at the bottom and you wont remove it, making your oil change much less effective & always change the filter.

    Last week I was replacing a Sprag bearing which gave me an opportunity to completely replace the oil.
    I was amazed at the thick consistency of the last litre. This tells me that no matter what I do its never going to be a good oil change without pulling the bits off. I do a standard oil change every 25 hrs too so expected a bit better quality with the last litre

    Anyway I hope these guys send to Oz as thats great

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