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    PCV/Catch can question

    I have a E39 which has a CCV valve in place of a PCV valve. Long story short CCV failed which started pumping oil into the intake manifold. Replaced it, fail failed again. Said screw it and decided to put a catch can in place of the CCV. I have a hose running from the valve cover to port 1 on the catch can, Port 2 runs from the catch can to a grommet in in the air box just before the air filter.

    Do I need to run a PCV valve for any reason? I only ask because its difficult to place one anywhere because of the angle of the valve cover vent tube. Also how high can you mount the catch can or does it even matter. I read somewhere that you need to mount it so the the In line is as high as the valve cover port, but I also read that you should mount it as low as possible. Which is correct?

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    You can mount the can a little lower than the outlet on the valve cover. This way the vapours will be going up to the airbox and any oil residue that may get past will drain back down after the engine stops.

    If you can, buy an inline PCV valve and install if just after the valve cover, before the catch can.

    Valve cover-----hose----inline PCV valve----hose-----catch can------hose-----airbox

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    Mounting higher or lower also depends on if your catch can is ventilated or not.

    If the catch can has breathers on it then you want to mount it higher, if it does not then you want to mount it lower.

    I’m pretty sure you have a non ventilated catch can because you’re not trying to vent crankcase pressure, just catch oil, so definitely mount it lower. So when the oil from the catch can pushes out it does not go back into the motor through the hose but into the catch can... The oil that comes out is not pure oil, it’s a mix of oil and grime that you DONT want going back into the motor. That was probably a horrible explanation so in short,

    You want your catch can lower then the valve cover!

    Also throw some stainless wool in the catch can!

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