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Thread: gti rxp-x swap?

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    gti rxp-x swap?

    Has anyone attempted a direct swap? We were planning on going turbo on a stock block with pistons/rods but came across an rxpx with a totaled hull. I know they are not fast top-end but we are building this for a customer for c/c only. For the small amount of money we can potentially have in this build I think it wil be interesting to see how it performs with a basically stock X setup. Also need some advice on how to mod the carrier for use with the rxtx driveshaft.

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    You will want to run an RXP-X pump support (or 215 RXP, depending on what ride plate & intake grate you have) running the RXP-X drive shaft you will need to move the motor rearward by approx 22mm for correct alignment.

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    Sorry about the huge pic but here is my gti swapped with RXP. Runs great. Just need to change prop bc stock prop can't handle power from the 215. Trying to figure out now what pitch I should be going with

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